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  1. Hello everyone,

    So I am at Centennial College and doing my RPN bridging program. I just successfully completed my 2nd of 3 semesters. I will be continuing my 3rd semester on the Fall 2015 because Centennial does not offer Summer term (I did know this at first. But I will be working instead for this oncoming Summer).

    Program Details - RPN Bridging to University Nursing - Flexible

    I thought nursing research (NURS-737) will put me down but awesomely made it to a passing mark.

    Comments, Opinions, Inquiries, and others are welcome.

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  3. by   aizhanna
    Is it part time? I want to apply but I do not know if I should take part time or hybrid. How many courses a week is part tme?
  4. by   hypnotizer90
    Flexible or part time was kinda the same. They just called it flexible so students could still apply for OSAP under full-time. Unfortunately, needed to continue to Ryerson as part-time program.

    Check this out Program Details - RPN Bridging to University Nursing - Flexible

    For my first semester, I had to go to school 3 times a week. I did not have the English course because mine got credited from my previous school (which could make it to 4 days a week).

    Second semester was just twice a week. I had the 12 hours clinical for Tuesdays and 2 classes + labs for Fridays . If you had the 2 day - 6 hours clinical then you would have 3 days a week.

    For third semester, I would be taking this fall 2015. (They do not offer it in the summer 2015).
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  5. by   lykalikes
    Hi, i have been accepted to the bridging program in centennial and im wondering how the classes are going to be. However, im on the regular phase (not the flex) so im wondering how many days per week. And you mentioned that you did your clinical placements for second semester for flex. is it different for regular? any infos will be appreciated. thank you.
  6. by   hypnotizer90
    Hello. Sorry for the late reply. Since you will have the full time schedule and only for two semesters, there will be one clinical per semester. My friends who took the full-time schedule needed to go to school for 4 days/week in their first semester if they had the one day of 12 hour clinical duty. In the second semester, they had the full 5 days a week because they had 2 days of community/clinical hours plus the rest of the subjects.

    Is this your program?
  7. by   lykalikes
    Thank you so much for the infos. Really helped me to have an overview.
  8. by   viperrr
    I was wondering what makes Nursing Research such a tough course and do you have any pointers for someone taking it in the future.

  9. by   lykalikes
    im taking the nursing research right now, im on week 2 and im already struggling, new concepts and it feels like it's a new language pointers will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you
  10. by   viperrr
    How are you finding nursing research now? Do you have any pointers for someone taking it in the future?
  11. by   lykalikes
    hello. my tips for you is do all the homework and ask the teacher to clarify all the topics that you are struggling with. always read all the assigned readings, buying the book is highly recommended.
    for the online critique as well as for the tests/learning activities, download the evolve learning resource for the book, its free.. they have the practice questions for the test and the exact questions for the article online critique. i suggest you go over them. the downside for the questions available for the critique is, they dont have the answers to it. but they are helpful if you do it ahead of time.

    good luck!
  12. by   brookiebell16
    I'm debating whether or not to do the regular phase or the flex. If you weren't able to do the 3rd semester until the fall, then when did you start the university portion? Did you have to wait until the following fall?
    Also for those who are taking it in the regular phase, how are you finding it? Would it be possible to still work on top of the classes and placement?
  13. by   anxiouspn
    Hi brookiebell16,

    Did you apply for the Sep 2017 intake? Just wondering because I din't hear anything from them.

    I am also curious about if it is possible to work and attend class/placemnet at the same time. I am entirely on my own and I don't think OSAP will cover all the fees for me.
  14. by   brookiebell16
    Hi anxiouspn,
    Yes I did apply for Sept 2017, I just heard from them 2 days ago. Make sure to check your myCentennial page to see the status of your application, because if you are missing any requirements then it might explain the delay.