Bridging to RN (George Brown College)

  1. Hello,

    I'm staring the Bridging Program at George Brown (S122) this fall Sep 17'. Obviously I do not know the schedule yet, but I got an offer for a part time job, and I do not know what to do as I have no idea if the work and school schedules will go well. Any one who has been at the same program can give me an idea of what classes schedules are like? It will be much appreciated because it would be the only insight to make a decision, the job is to start in 2 to 3 weeks.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   GBC_Student
    Most of it is online for the first semester. I worked part time through the first two semesters. I worked 2 12 hours shifts per week. I managed with not too much trouble.
  4. by   ggopaso
    Thanks a lot off sharing your experience!!
  5. by   GBC_Student
    Np. The second semester gets a bit harder because of your placement and having patho and psychology but they're on the same day.
  6. by   ggopaso
    I guessed that!! I'm excited to start but also a little bit scared too!! Thanks again!!
  7. by   LisaStone
    Hi! If you do not mind me asking, what was your GPA getting in? How do you find the program? Also, did you graduate RPN and go right into the bridge that same year?
  8. by   ggopaso
    Hi, GPA of 3.8
    No, I graduated in 2014.
    Program keeps you really busy, a lot of assignments (writing a lot) but manageable if you dedicate it time.