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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

  1. by   sourpickle93
    Yay! congratz, level two already! And wow May til Aug? That's not too bad of a break actually! At least you get some time to relax and do other things. I'm happy for you! Once again, I would truly ike to thankyou for your input and for helping us get an undestanding of what to expect and what is needed in order to be successful. It honestly helped me so much! Hopefully we will meet around campus if I get accepted into the program(keeping my fingers crossed).
  2. by   smiley65
    Yes....for me, the break is tooooo long. I was really just getting going. The next 2 semesters only have a 3 week break in between though, so it will be a long haul. As far as the thank you, you are so welcome! I am happy to help however I can. It's so much easier when you sort of know what to expect. I will keep my fingers crossed for you too! You are very determined, and seem to have it all together so I'm sure you will have no problem.
  3. by   sourpickle93
    Lol well it's nice to know that you really enjoy the program! I wish you a successful semester and future
    And thank you very much ! I will keep myself updated on this thread for sure
  4. by   iheartpurple
    All submitted!! All my documents and resume are in! I couldn't be more excited!
    Good luck to everyone!

    And pleeease post as soon as you have any reply
    The woman who helped me today said in about 10 days the administrator will go over my final documents.
    But then there is a second panel who chooses who is fit for the program?
  5. by   sourpickle93
    Yay iheart! I'm just waiting for my two liberal elective final marks to come in then I'm going to hand in my final transcript. Who's your admission officer? And I thought they started reviewing sept 1st? I'm slightly confused lol
  6. by   iheartpurple
    admissions officer?! who is that and how do I find mine?!
    well i think they start processing applications when they are received by admissions, so the sooner you get documents submitted, the sooner you are able to be reviewed by a nursing panel.
    I think... anyone able to confirm this?

    i just went into BCIT and waited in the line up in SW1 and handed in my documents and application form. Never went to anyone specific.
  7. by   sourpickle93
    You can find out who your admissions officer is by logging into mybcit account and on the right it will say student self service and below that you want to click on mycommunication. Under this, there will be a heading that says "Nursing Dept Review Ready." Once you click on the link there will be formal letter regarding your application review process and at the bottom will be the name of the person(admissions officer) who will be in charge of processing your application with brief description on how to contact them if you have any questions or concerns. It may be hard to contact them as they are busy with applications but do try to get ahold of them if you have any concerns regarding your application. It's important that they recieve any updated documents to andwill usually let you know in a few weeks through your mycommunication on any documentation that you've send, that they have recieved them.

    I did talk to one of the counselors and will touch base on what she said to me. She told me that they start to look at applications, like you've mentioned, to see where the applicants stand as well as if they have provided EVERYTHING(transcripts, resume, etc.). However, they usually start to review all applications starting sept 1st after the deadline to submit all documentation. You will hear back between october-november if you have been provisionally accepted or shortlisted and will be notified through mycommunication or application status.

    Once you are shortlisted then of course you are to submit further documention such as immunization forms, references from work or volunteering ( I suggest people to get their references ready before hand just in case you have been shortlisted then you can hand them in right away because it usually takes a while for the person writing your reference letter to complete it and from experience they do NOT like it when you give them such a short notice, however I'm sure there is a time frame that the nursing dept will allow for you to get them in) and some other things.

    Once you have been shortlisted and have submitted all of your documents, I am not so sure on when you will hear back form them on whether or not your application was accepted for the August intake. They usually short listed AROUND 156 people and from that they choose 96 I believe, something like that.

    I'm pretty tensed on the pool of the application. I know in the past they had to cut at 60 credits of post secondary credits becasuse there were too many people who had applied. May I ask you what your application looks like, iheartpurple?

    Waiting is definitely the hard part but I cannot believe how fast the time is going. We will be hearing some news very soon before we know it!
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  8. by   dog_prints
    Hi sourpickle93,

    I don't see a heading that says Nursing Dept Review Ready. All I have under Student Letter Summary is 2 letters that say Your Next Steps and Application Received...Could it be you have that because they looked at your application already? ... I submitted mine pretty close to the deadline.

    I don't know if I should be worried but I handed in all my transcripts, resume, etc., but under the Application Status portion, there aren't any check marks or anything that say they have received my documents.
  9. by   sourpickle93
    Hi Dog Prints

    Oh not to worry! You should hear back from them very soon! It took a while for my information to get into the system (several weeks). But keep on checking to see because it might be that they haven't reviewed yours yet but they will soon. You paid your money and got everything in on time so they will recieve and review it. It's just the matter of waiting unfortunately and waiting is hard I know

    So please do not worry I still have to hand in my transcript, lol.
  10. by   smiley65
    Hey guys
    So basically they go through over 600 applicants to confirm that you have met all the high school requirements etc.....a bunch of people get cut here, then the application is sent to the Nursing department where you are reviewed by the wonderful Nursing panel to see where you stand among the pool. As long as you submit all of your documents on time and you have met the requirements you can expect a letter stating that your application has been received and is under review (took 17 days from when I got my "your next steps" letter to get the "under review" letter). If you make the first cut and get shortlisted, an email with more info will sent to your "mybcit email" not to your "my communications" so check that frequently. I received mine on October 5. We were informed that 180 people had been shortlisted and 96 would be offered a seat. We were asked to submit reference forms within a couple of weeks. They also gave us a date by which everyone would know their status. Your next communications letter will be about provisional acceptance, which you can expect around Halloween-ish.(mine took 14 weeks from the under review letter) I received my "under review" letter on July 20 2011 so they might be a few weeks later this year. They also do it in batches so you will all hear back at different times...try not to panic As far as reference letters go.....they send you a reference form to be filled out which asks the referencer to rate you on a 5 point scale in different categories. There is a space on the back for additional comments but they are not required. An official letter is not required, though I am sure it can't hurt. Hang in there guys....I totally understand how brutal the wait is.

    All that was required was the references. If you get provisional acceptance, then you are required to submit some other stuff. This was the info for our references, though things may have changed since then....

    References: You must submit a minimum of two references
    use reference forms attached
    a minimum of two references (employment or volunteer) are required
    both references can be employment references - it is preferred that at least one is from an employer (can be two referee's from the same company)
    if the employment experience is healthcare related - attach a job description
    relatives may not act as referees
    photocopies, faxed or scanned reference form(s) will not be accepted
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  11. by   iheartpurple
    its almost been a month since i sent in my application! and i still do not have an "under review" thing! maybe because I just submitted the last of my documents the other day?...

    sourpickle: I have 76 credits from UBC and I am a psychology major so I have lots of upper level psych courses, first and 2nd year english courses, human anatomy and physiology (with lab component) with an A-, all first year biology courses at UBC, family studies and womens studies. I have first year spanish and a bunch of random courses like ocean sciences and art. I also was a bit of a nerd in high school so I have AP English, AP psych, Bio 12, Chem 12 Physics 11, AP Calc 12 and A's in all of those except a C+ in AP Calculus.
    my average is pretty average.

    thanks smiley for that info! im totally going to be counting down to that first week in october!
    i suppose i will get in contact with my references just in case. do you guys think that a reference from a community nurse whom I have known since March would be ok? or do you think I should have references who have known me longer? My other reference is going to be my employer for the last five years. AND, I wonder how they choose that final 96 from just references.. Like wouldn't everyone only submit good references?

    OH Smiley! When does that application page start having check marks?! LOL I keep uploading that page and its always the same.
  12. by   smiley65
    haha....I know...I must have checked my application status a billion times...then one of my friends from the forum started getting updates and I was freaking out! we did just have a long weekend and so I bet it will get updated soon. And thats exactly why if you just submitted the last of your documents recently. They won't consider your application complete and ready for review unless all of the required stuff has been handed in. My application status didn't change from provisional acceptance to full acceptance until a month into the program so I guess it just take time with the data entry. I think everyone hopes for good references and I forgot, you also have to submit a letter of intent that outlines why you think you should get in
  13. by   sourpickle93
    Thank you so much for all the info! It really helps smiley, bless you

    iheartpurple: not to worry, it takes time as smiley said for everything to get into the system