Any insight for a post- Ontario Strike Nursing student?

  1. Good evening everyone,

    I'm a year 2 BScN student at the York/Georgian program. Since the strike ended, we have been slammed with 35-45% exams that will total 90% instead of 100%.

    I'm currently failing pharmacology, a 65% is required in every class in order to pass. I have given my 110% effort into my studies and I'm feeling extremely discouraged to study.

    I'm considering dropping out but I know I won't be happy, I want to continue and I go to clinical and have my patients tell me I'm great, my preceptors and nurses on the floor tell me I'm knowledgeable and have excellent assessment skills and that I know my stuff.

    How is anyone in this program getting by with exams? I'm having the worst anxiety and I have an exam tomorrow morning... I just can't seem to sleep at night knowing I cannot afford groceries or afford to eat and I can't apply for the $500 grant because I don't technically have a hardship since my rent is up in September. I'm broke, failing and I'm scared.

    I'm currently working part time to pay for rent and my car in order to get to and from work and clinical (there isn't a transit route to my job when I work at 5 am or have to leave at 5:30 am for clinical)

    Any insight or advice would be amazing..
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    I'm not sure if this is still an option but are you able to withdraw the course without it showing on your transcript? I heard a lot of students withdrew the term and got their money back.