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to all nurses out there who are planning to take the September 2012 CPNRE, please post any concerns, issues and suggestions in this thread. I'm also planning to take the test on September, I'm an... Read More

  1. by   Bek1975
    Dear Fiona59,Unfortunately, I have been experiencing only the negative aspects of new entry nursing registration in Canada. I'm very positive that many internationally educated nurses in Canada have been experiencing the same problems as of mine. Almost every IEN has to wait 1-3 years for nursing credentials evaluation. The case workers in regulatory bodies are very unprofessional sometimes even rude. As an example, I took my NCLEX exam with other six students in private rooms with minimal waiting time vs 3000 students with 3 hrs waiting time. These are the only my personal experiences. Please do not get me wrong and Don't ask why I am wanting to work in Canada. Thanks.
  2. by   pinaynurse24
    The exam was fair enough for me. So true that most of the questions are tricky but covers the basics of nursing practice. We just have to hope for the best, keep up the faith guys! We just have to wait patiently for the results, keep ourselves busy.

    Dear Fiona, we really do appreciate your responses but I find you intimidating even the first time I got a reply from you. I am an IEN like Bek and do empathize with her. Whether IEN or not, we all have our opinions about the exam and the process it takes to be registered here in Canada. Respect is all we ask. Thanks.
  3. by   I like Breeze
    I took Sep 12 CNO RPN Exam. Recentally, I got a letter from CNO and ask me for - Re:Application for a General Class Certificate of Registration - RPN ( "Application"). Did anyone get the same letter as me? What should I do for? Thanks!
  4. by   pinaynurse24
    What specifically was written on your letter? Almost everyone got a letter from CNO regarding the changes that will be implemented on January 2013.
  5. by   I like Breeze
    Nothing speical. The info is same as others. When the result will come? Middle of Oct?
  6. by   Pattyz
    1. Quote from pinaynurse24
      to all nurses out there who are planning to take the September 2012 CPNRE, please post any concerns, issues and suggestions in this thread. I'm also planning to take the test on September, I'm an internationally educated nurse and I need to learn a lot about nursing in Canada. Any advice from previous exam takers would be very much appreciated.
    2. Wrote the September 2012 CPNRE exam too. Im usually confident about my exams but im really anxious about this one. It was a bit hard. Hopefully we will all pass. Goodluck everyone.
  7. by   pinaynurse24
    They are starting to release the results of the exam. There's someone from NB who said he already got the result. Hope there's gonna be a good news for all of us.
  8. by   Canne18
    Does that mean that whoever is still on the registry passed already? I'm from BC and it was updated 10/08/12
  9. by   revives
    Just wondering, SOme of my friends got the results already in and i didnt yet. do they send all the results all at once? . i live in ontario toronto btw. just
  10. by   car1199
    I live in Brampton, Ontario and I received my letter today! I passed!!!!!!!! Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   Pattyz
    Oh my God I passed. I just got my RPN result this evening and i am sooooooooo happy. Good luck to everyone still waiting for their result.
  12. by   narsheen
    I received a mail stating "You have met all the registration requirements for General class RPN" together with an Initial Registration form and payment form to be sent back to CNO.
    It doesn't say anything "PASS"
    but I think this letter means that I passed the exam?
    I'm sorry it's just that I want to see that word, "PASS" just like the others.

    Congratulations to all new RPNs!
  13. by   car1199
    Congratulations narsheen! My letter stated that I have successfully completed the CPNRE and yes I got the initial registration form also. Can anyone tell me if the vunerable police record check is what CNO is wants for the CPIC? I tried calling them but the phone is always busy.
    Goodluck to everyone who is still waiting for their results!

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