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  1. Hello everyone!

    Just finished my RPN diploma at Seneca College, but unfortunately i finished off with a low GPA - 2.7 and to make things worse i failed one of my courses. Did take it again and passed with a B. (Initially i wanted to drop the course and spoke to the prof, and she said it should be fine-i could pass. But by the end it didnit seem to workout- and i wasnt working and on OSAP, so according to OSAP- even a D is a pass and would not be funded to retake the course, so i told my prof and opted out of my final exam). This is the worse decision i ever made. During my program i didnt plan on doing my bridging to BScN and now im interested, but feel so hopeless.
    Alot of the colleges dont have that have that as a entry level GPA, and all says no failed courses. Which makes it worse. Then came across UOIT- they will allow me to upgrade max of 4 uni courses. And if i can upgrade doing that, and increase my GPA, i may have a chance. But with all this. Still feel so hopeless, that is the only door out there, that is open for me.

    Anyone been in my shoes, or have any suggestions

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   hopetopassnclex
    So sorry to her what you are going through. I hope someone here will help you out.
  4. by   babyfriendly
    Hun, it's not hopeless. So you're finished and can get your RPN licence in Ontario, right? So, 1) work and get experience and earn some money and build your resume 2) reach out to the nursing academic counselors at some programs you're interested in. Don't do it by email - make an appointment and go see them in person. These folks in my experience know all the programs and options and might have some ideas you haven't thought of.

    Consider going out of province. Different colleges and universities have different bridging options and admission requirements in other provinces might be more suited to your situation.

    In the meantime, work on your study skills (Cal Newport's Study Hacks blog & his books for example), read some books on current research on memorization (Make it Stick by Peter Brown for example), review your anatomy & physiology (Crash Course on youtube has a good intro to the subject) and then take the pre-requisite courses one at a time so you can really optimize your grades & boost your gpa.

    by the way, in BC I know some of our practical nurses instead of trying to bridge just apply to the regular BSN programs because it's easier to get into them (only a few spots avail in bridging). Yes it takes longer (most are 3 yrs, 9 consecutive semesters) but you're in and getting things done rather than on waiting lists. Many continue working part time while in school - esp during the semesters which are pretty much review for them.

    good luck!