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  1. by   dream4thainurse
    i am IEN from thailand i failed twice only 1 chance left

    i will tke Febuary 2013 exam i need more time to study and focus .
    Please help.
  2. by   Mona77
    @ dream4thainurse,

    the suggestions have already been given, read through petethecanuck`s
    response and prepare yourself.
    I did the CRNE in June, and was successful as an IEN, my advice is to
    focus on your language skills.
    Did you had problems understanding the questions - if yes, then you`ll
    know where to start. Talking to some IENs, they mentioned having problems
    understanding the questions!
    Do the first prep exam in the CNA prep book and go through the competencies
    that seem to be your weakest.
    I, personally liked the CNA prep guide, as it was written in the same style as
    the CRNE itself, Mosby prepared me where I was lacking knowledge - e.g. since
    my graduation in Germany in 2007, I never assisted in labour and delivery
    anymore, so I reviewed the complete chapter.

    There are some prep courses depending where you live!?

  3. by   prttytoby
    Hi there, you may go to cno website, the learning modules, go through them again regarding client nurse relation modules and read all the articles about client patient relationship. Most important you should focus on those knowledge and change part, becos it has larger percentage on the exam. SO if you improve a bit, you will get much better results, nurse client relationship is only small percentage, so it will not help much even you improve a lot. Less than twenty questions about it. If you could forward a copy if you exam results without ur name on it, I can tell you which part you should study more probably.
  4. by   dream4thainurse
    Can I have your email Mona77?
  5. by   dream4thainurse
    Yes English is my struggle and having hard tie to understand formal english even I studied a lot in my country.My lowest score is nurse client partnership I have hard time to choose the best respond when client ask a nurse or how to response client in Canadian nursing way Thank you for your advice
  6. by   Mona77

    you can send me a private message, it will be directed to my
    personal e-mail.

  7. by   caringnursing
    Thank you SO MUCH petethecanuck! I will definitely try to follow your steps and make my own notes for each condition.
    I will read through your reply again thoroughly to make sure I follow the steps when I start preparing for the CRNE soon.
    I'm also done my final placement so I can start studying next week. I have the CNA prep and Lippincott. I don't have the Mosby one, not sure how helpful that one is because I've heard both - my friend used the comprehensive Mosby text and failed the CRNE. Someone else used it and passed but I have to agree that the med surg and Potter Perry ones are most important. I have the Lewis 2nd edition. Hope its just as good as Kozier.

    And thank you so much everyone for the support. I am so happy that everyone here is eager to help one another. Everyone here will make such great nurses!
  8. by   sarahrs
    Congrats to everyone that passed. Anyone from Peterborough who i s taking CRNE in October who wants to study ?
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  9. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    It looks like everyone who wished to post their results has done so. This thread is now closed.