CPNRE June - July 2018 - page 13

Hey guys! I'm writing the CPNRE in a few days and I just wanted to create an updated CPNRE forum for 2018. I've been studying the 4th and 5th prep guide and took the predictor test (disappointing... Read More

  1. by   LisaStone
    Someone who wrote the 27 in Toronto got hers In the mail today. She passed.
  2. by   LisaStone
    check your mailboxes everyone!!!
  3. by   Beena13
    Do you know what they got (their score?)
  4. by   storynurse
    Hi, i have submitted to take CPRNE exam on this september, i had prep Guide 5th edition. A week before, i practiced with the qsns and the results was not so satisfactory. I am really anxious on how to prepare further. If u guys have other older editions of preparation guide, would u mind sharing with me. My emal is nradhikari20@gmail.com. Thank you.
  5. by   LisaStone
    Quote from Beena13
    Do you know what they got (their score?)

    They don't ever tell you that. They just say pass or fail..
  6. by   juline
    hi every one i did mine on 29 june i got mine today i passed
  7. by   kaymello
    Yaay! Congrats everyone! I just checked my mailbox I got the letter and I passed!! I can finally relax now lol.
  8. by   LisaStone
    my mailman still hasn't come
  9. by   LisaStone
    Yay I passed!!! Woohoo thank god
  10. by   Dixa
    Is there anyone who's from Alberta and applied for CNO and got their results?
  11. by   dee.dee
    I wrote June 27th and I received today (July 20th)...I passed.
  12. by   danikayee
    Where did you write? Hamilton? Toronto?
  13. by   danikayee
    Did anyone who wrote the 27th in hamilton get there results yet?