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Without talking about specific material from the exam of course, discuss how you found the exam? Difficulty level? Did the CPNRE prep manual/predictor test compare to the exam itself? Also, feel... Read More

  1. by   Acadiana
    Quote from TFAN29
    Does anyone know when we should expect to recieve our actual license? I passed my exam, paid my fees, submitted my police records check and have had my registration number since Feb 24th. I have been visible on the Find a Nurse website for almost a month now and nothing from CNO.
    I contacted CNO last week about this inquiry. I was informed that it will take between 6 to 8 weeks from when you received your registration number to acquire your license in the mail.
  2. by   kadian
    Can you give any suggestion on any particular area I should focus on for the May exam?

    Thank you.
  3. by   Fiona59
    Only you know your weak areas. Study those. Peds were mine because I had no desire to ever work with children. That and IV fluids because I worked in LTC immediately after graduation and didn't have any post school exposure.
  4. by   pinaynurse24
    I'm planning to take the CPNRE on September but I still don't have enough reviewers. Can someone tell me where to buy Mosby's Comprehensive Review for PN? Does anybody want to sell their second-hand reviewers? thanks
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from pinaynurse24
    I'm planning to take the CPNRE on September but I still don't have enough reviewers. Can someone tell me where to buy Mosby's Comprehensive Review for PN? Does anybody want to sell their second-hand reviewers? thanks
    These review books are available through most university or college book stores and online from Chapters-Indigo and Amazon. It's a violation of the Terms of Service at allnurses.com to engage in the buying or selling of items in the forums. TOS
  6. by   howi michelle
    Quote from blue eye girl
    Hi guys.
    I wrote my CPNRE exam yesterday for second time and let me tell you this was a pure hell.
    I thought that 4 hrs is more then enough but I was so wrong. I spend so much time on the case scenarios, which you all know you have to read very carefully. They put too many scenarios. The questions very long and I also had problem with chosing the best answer. I was planning on going back but this never happened since I finished my last question as the guy was asking to put pencils away. So it sucks! It really sucks, I really hope they do something about it. Most of the people didn't finish the exam so it looks like the score to pass will be low. New format of the exam won't work!!!!!!!!!
    Oh god... this is so disgusting. ive only depend on reading those prep guides plus the predictors test telling me 70-75% cahnce and 95-100% what should i do ive got only 2 weeks left? helpppp me pleasssseee
  7. by   Nur123
    Hi mentwork,
    where did you take the three month long course. please help as soon as possible im taking my exam in september

    Quote from menatwork
    Hey Everyone,
    I wrote the exam in January and got my results today. I had my son open the envelope and read me the result which was a successful passing. It was my first time writing the exam.
    I had second thoughts and sleepless nights thinking of what I should or could have done better. I did not go back and recheck any of my results, and that was a good things as I may have changed some of my answers. Overall the exam was very pyschosocial in all context and definately had you thinking as the two most sensible answers now put you to the test as to which would be the best answer. Most of the questions asked "what is the first thing the nurse would do". Very little calculations in fact I think there were only two on IV calculations.

    Congratulation to all that have passed and for those that have not, it is not over. Keep in mind that all the theory that was thought during the 2 years of nursing school may not even come close to some of the questions they would be asking. Even though I did the predictor tests and passed and had the practice book I knew that it was not enough. I signed up for a three month prep course every sunday for three months and 4 days leading up to the exam. I had a very knowledgeable RN that taught both the RN and RPN. She helped us master timing, and went through each system in depth with lots of questions.
    I went to a very reputable college for my program and yet was amazed at the information and questions this teacher was bringing to us, some of which was not taught in the program in so much respect. As you can see it benefited me, I may have been able to pass without her help, but looking back at some of the practice questions we did in class, came pretty close to analyzing the exam Q including timing, timing, timing. It meant everything.
  8. by   nursejackie2012
    I just wrote my exam today may 16 2012 and I must admit I freaked out! This is my second time. The last time wrote it was may 18th 2011 and when I got back my results I was not a happy camper!!! Now that it's been a year and I'm writing it again and the rules have changed its just a whole new setting for me!!! I have to say NOT ENOUGH TIME WHAT'S SO EVER!!! I really hope everything went well because I have worked soo hard for this and my whole world depends on this!!! but the CNO needs to do something about this because most people didn't have enough time and its not that we don't have the knowledge we just need more time!!! Like really!! I'm soo upset! I just pray that everythig goes well! I need this! *tears*
  9. by   josephine clarke
    I just wrote the exam also and the questions were crazy. Most of the questions were not even related to nursing or they were way over our skill level!!!
  10. by   mapleleafcn
    At this time they are now feeding our papers to the machines weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!
  11. by   mapleleafcn
    24 days for the result
  12. by   Leimaimae
    hi! im planning to take the CPNRE this September. Can you suggest any good review center in Toronto? thanks
  13. by   mapleleafcn
    stick to the basic mosby, prep guide, funda from potter and perry thats it. Just stick to the basic.

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