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Hi, I was wondering if anyone is writing CRNE for the third time on Feb 2, 2011????? or if you're writing the second time? What are your strategies for the exam?? I was going to take U of T prep... Read More

  1. by   joanna73
    Well its perfectly natural to be nervous, but you have to try not to let it overwhelm you. You have to believe that you know the information, which I'm sure you do. Mentally picture yourself sitting there, writing the exam. And know that you can pass it. Good luck
  2. by   thesweetpea
    You are not alone. Be positive and do the best you can. 2 best things to do is study and pray.all the best. Good luck
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  3. by   sweetcandy11204
    This will be my last and final chance at writing the CRNE in Feb 2013. I am more than depressed right now.....I am crushed. Everything that I have strive to work towards and become is so close yet so far. Was it all for nothing? I thought I prepared myself enough for the second attempt, but I guess not. (I read Mosby, did the prep question and did the CRNE practice questions a month before the exam).

    Does anyone know if taking the online course offered by is worth the $400 or if the practice exams are worth the $50? Did anyone find reading Lippcott helpful?

    I will be receiving my letter in 2-3 weeks regarding the courses I will have to take in preparation of this final exam. I will be re-reading the Mosby and pay more attention to the rationale behind each question. I am so thankful to have the support of the nurse educator who has given me a list of educational sessions I can attend and who has offered to help me with my studying. I am thankful to have been offered a job as a HCA on my unit after loosing my license as a GN.

    Does anyone have any study strategies that they found helpful?
  4. by   birdlover12
    HI Lovelivelearn,

    I can feel your pain! I am also going through the same thing. I am sorry, I am struggling to find out what would be the useful tips at this point. Perhaps other people can help us here. I will be giving my 2nd attempt in october, 2012 and planning to take toronto school of health prep course. I was wondering if you know this prep course can actually help me do well in the nurses-client and professional practice competencies. For me, these two topics are killing me and I do not seem to get an idea of how to crack the questions r/t these topics. Since you have taken this prep course, do you think it would help me at all in these areas as I need help in only those areas? Your response would be appreciated.

    I hope that you are now working as an RN. I am sure you nailed the last attempt!

  5. by   pinaylovesnursing
    I think this is a very old post, but to those who failed please do not give up, with the lords help you will succeed! Sometimes life puts these barriers to test us. Start studying everyday. I would wake up every morning and practice 100 questions to practice my comprehension. I would really study the rationales and try to figure out what I was doing wrong. I failed the first time even though I studied a lot, so what I did the second time was really refined what I learned. I found I knew a lot of things not very well. I also studied the competencies and really practiced the CNO modules. Study everyday and read your potter and perry!
  6. by   innocent queen
    Hi lovelivelearn,
    can I ask how was the Toronto school's course? cos I am planning to take that but not sure if that will help..I am appearing for October 2012.
    H...E...L....P.... please
  7. by   innocent queen
    Hi tweeto,
    I am also appearing in Oct.2012 .and registered myself with Toronto school for prep course..dont know if its any good...if u find out please post it here for me..thanks in advance and good luck
  8. by   nathan2005

    I am an IEN who leave in nova scotia and am looking for study partner to prepare for CRNE Feb 2013. thanks
  9. by   SD-RN
    Hey 2nd/3rd time writers,

    I too was devastated the first and second time that I recieved notice of my failure of the CRNE. Trust me no one thinks that it is possible to fail the first time, you study, you do practice questions and you think you will be alright. I only failed by 1, and two marks respectively so I was very frustrated and annoyed!

    Thankfully the third time I wrote, I passed! I wrote October 2012, here is what I did to study:

    1. began exactly 3 months prior to the exam (even though i had studied before and written twice before, trust me 3 months is the MINIMUM)
    2. i studied monday-friday 4-5 hours a day
    3. 1 month before i studied Monday- Sunday, 6 hours a day (dont be so precise, just make sure you complete your goals each day)
    4. 3 weeks before- all i did was re-read my notes (which i wil explain later) and do practice questions, i did OVER 2300 questions.
    5. I told myself I was able, I was going to accomplish this and that i was MEANT to be a nurse.

    study material
    1. mosby review guide - Mosby's Comprehensive Review for the Canadian RN Exam, 1e: Janice Marshall-Henty, Cheryl Sams, Jonathon Bradshaw: Books
    2. lipincott- question guide
    3. mosby -Mosby's Prep Guide for the Canadian RN Exam: Practice Questions for Exam Success, 2e: Janice Marshall-Henty, Jonathon Bradshaw: Books
    4. crne online readiness test (x2)
    5. Primed education course (2 days) - PRIMED Educational Associates ~ Your Lifeline to the CRNE. (the best CRNE review course OUT THERE)
    6. PRIMED iphone app (100 questions)
    7. facebook CRNE daily questions

    HOW I studied:

    I had typed my notes from the Mosby comprehensive review guide the first time I studied back when i wrote for the first time, so i took those notes and wrote them out by hand, paying attention to details- this took up the first month and a half

    Then, I began studying those notes from the beginning, that took about 2 weeks but was also an ongoing process, at this point I hadn't done ANY of the practice questions because I wanted to save them for when I had completed the studying to truly test my readiness

    After that, I began setting up my desk as though I was actually writing the crne, I would take 200 questions at a time, give myself 4 hours and simulate the actual testing centre.
    I set a goal for myself and that was to get at least 75% on average for all the practice questions, if you do not get that I would not suggest writing it!!
    Closer to the exam I took the primed education 2 day intensive course which was literally my lifesaver, it is a very advanced course meaning that if you haven't studied it won't help because it will make you feel like you don't know anything, so go to it prepared. I went to it twice so I could really study the material because there is a lot. They give you a study guide and a bunch of questions. The teachers all have a Masters in Nursing or are Nurse practitioners, so they are very well equipped to teach you. Withouth this course I would NOT have passed, they teach you the little things and connect dots for you which you can't get on your own.
    I did the course offered by the authors of the mosby prep guide but it was a BIG waste of time, they are completely useless *sorrry*

    Anyways, after I did all the practice questions from the texts, I did the online crne readiness test and used that as my final measure to decide if I wanted to write, I scored a 75% average from the two online tests (40$ for 2 I believe, but you can find a coupon).
    From there I asked myself, do I feel ready, do I want to write and have I studied enough? I decided I was ready I truly felt that I had given it my all. And I think that is key if you don't feel like you are ready, you probably aren't and you should trust youfself. You don't want to look back at this moment 5,10 years from now and regret not studying for 3 more months because in the grand scheme of things, 1 year is not that long you can wait for it if you really want it.

    Here are my tips:
    1. Know your blood gasses by heart
    2. Know your math inside out
    (the above two are at least 4-5 easy marks on the exam, how many of you failed by only a few marks!!? Think about that)
    1. Know diabetes insulin peak and drop times
    2. Hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic solutions, why and which one is which
    3. Maternity- when to go to the hospital, placeta abrupto vs. previa
    4. Peads - you are pro immunizations, always. Why do babies need mmr particularly rubella. What age do babies get their vaccines (only common ones because it is not standard in all of canaada), baby vitals- new borns to all ages. How many wet diapers do babies have/poopie diapers. Where do you give injections in babies, newbrons, toddlers etc. jaundice and phototherapy.
    5. Chest tubes, bubbling, suction, emergency situations
    6. Elderly- dimentia, falls risk, hip replacement bed positionng
    7. Restraints - when why doctors order
    8. Prostate cancer, bph,
    9. Lung collapse- common in who/age group/physical appearance?
    10. Sids
    11. Grieving
    12. Palliative is family centred
    13. Z-trac method

    Hope this helps guys

  10. by   Rangeela
    anyone from CALGARY interested in doing group study for fe 2013 crne exam.pls email me @
  11. by   dollarinhand
    Don't nurse need to do basic math because the test is scored by median! the CNA, CNO sure don't
    Imagine 10 people take the test 8 of these people score 100 % the other 2 people score 90% do you know that those 2 people failed
    why because the median was 98%

    Do this 100 people and 90 got 100% and 10 got 90% it is still 98% the 10 failed at 90% correct
    say those 10 only got 80% then it still be 96% they still failed
    say those 10 only got 70% yes they still failed.

    How any one be so stupid and they are the one that say you pass?

  12. by   jan23
    I passed by doing the following:1. Reading my textbooks. Mosby comprehensive is not enough. I got asked very specific questions on chronic diseases and post-op. Focus on the nursing actions. Always think of what the nurse should do.2. Study with friends. Discuss rationales with one another.3. Read best practice guidelines to help with professional practice questions.4. Do practice questions and try to understand the rationales. 4.
  13. by   jackiehsav
    I was on my third try and i couldn't take any more chances on self-study. Then my friend told me about a school in Mississauga that specifically helps Nurses and Nursing students taking the CRNE prep course. Humber had one class and it didn't help me. I honestly felt like a number when it came to going to community colleges for help. Anyways, I went there, they gave me a mock exam for free to see if i'm ready for my 3rd attempt. They were really helpful. The teacher took her time explaining each question with the class and the fact it was open forum we could ask for more clarification. So fortunately I passed, and i want to thank Nurses Education Mississauga for taking the time for me and each student. I really felt like they really wanted to help compared to other reviews of schools in the GTA i've heard from people.