Can i work during ADN school?


Is it possible to work during nursing school and still finish on time? Even if i just work weekends only??

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This is entirely a personal decision. In every class there are students that hold a job and are successful in nursing school. It really depends on how organized you are and the will power you have to study after working whatever job you have. To put things in perspective though, out of the 16 people that started nursing school in my class that didn't finish with the original group, 15 of them tried to work and tackle nursing school. Only 2 of the 10 of us who graduated worked during nursing school.

This shows that it is possible, but can be very challenging. Good luck, no matter what you decide.


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I'm currently getting ready to start my final year in my ADN program, and have worked full time as a Nursing Care Tech at a large teaching hospital since working on my pre-reqs. Although it is challenging, it's definitely doable. I actually think it's helped me through nursing school, since I am able to relate much of what I learn in lecture to what I see at work.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck!!!


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Yes im a cna so i feel it will be somewhat beneficial for me. Ill have alot of help because alot of the RNs are the ones pushing me to go to school. Im considering just working weekends and holidays during my nursing classes. But during my prerequisites i might keep the same schedule (MIGHT)


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I'm a CNA part time every other weekend and one or two additional days per pay period (q 2 weeks). I have the misfortune of every test during my summer psych nursing course falling on the Monday after my work weekend. It sucks, because I like to spend the weekend before the test doing review. It's been a challenge and not one that I think I can continue in my second year.