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Can use all the help I can get

So glad I found all of you and would love to network. Found myself in a difficult but challenging situation. All the Radiology nurses left or are on an extended illness. You're looking at the new charge nurse. I do have a wealth of critical and ER experience. Trying to put this all together and get some organization going. Need to find all the resources I can to assist me. In process of writing procedures,,,,wanting to start with each area at a time. Working on the Stress Lab now. I'm like a sponge folks....soaking in everything I can. Basics have been laid down, but a lot of refinement needs to be placed. Thank you all so much for any help you can offer. We are a full service department, including interventionalists. Think you can picture my delimma.

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welcome:wlcmggrp:to allnurses!

glad to have you with us. It's been a long time since I posted (been busy!!!!!). Start with contacting the American Radiological Nurses Association (http://www.arna.net), they can help you. I used to belong a long time ago when I worked in Radiology. Don't try to write P&Ps on your own. There is an excellant book that you can order that has Scope and Standards of Practice. I encourage you to look into joining the association, especially if you are the only nurse (even if for a little while).


Are there any other resources for policies and procedures, the ARNA is $95 a year. I to am a new nurse to radiology nursing. We don't do interventions, just CT's and Cardiac CTA's and MRI's. I job share with another nurse but we have only 1 RN in the dept at a time and are creating our own P&P's. I too feel like we are reinventing the wheel, I know there are existing policies out there and usual meds given for coronary CTA's. Thanks for any suggestions you have for Lanedoescare, because it will help all of us.

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