Can you take courses through Excelsior and transfer them....


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to a local nursing school? I was thinking about taking the A&P, microbiology, english etc.....basically all of the non-nursing classes through Excelsior and then taking the clinicals and nursing classes through the local nursing school hospital. Is that possible??


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The only non-nursing course/exam I have taken through EC is Statistics. I was given credit for it through my BSN program, and it was accepted when I applied to grad school, no questions asked. I would bet that any school would be hesitant regarding the science courses if there's no lab involved. The others may be more widely accepted though.

You would probably be best served by contacting your school. Even then, make sure you're talking to someone who knows for sure; someone who has the authority to make decisions. At least then you would be 100% sure.

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EC is pretty expensive for the online courses, and most of the test-out exams won't transfer -- most schools want sciences with labs. That's not to say the classes won't transfer under the umbrella of a degree -- my ADN was acceptable to all the RN-BSN programs to which I applied. But piecemeal? I doubt it. You'd be better off doing pre-reqs at a local community college -- more likely to transfer, and much less expensive. But as Pmdc said, check with the nursing school you want to attend.


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Do not go this route until you have inquired with the school that you plan to transfer your EC courses to and have been assured that the credits will be accepted.

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