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Can’t find RN work!


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Hello all!  I have a q about getting hired into a residency program.  I graduated in May of 2019 and passed my NCLEX in Aug the same year.  I’m just now applying for RN jobs and am having 0 luck.  I’ve applied for 15 openings and am not even getting call backs for interviews.  I am currently in an RN - BSN program, have EMT experience which I know isn’t as great as a Patient Care Tech but I feel like at least it is patient related.  Would it be more because I graduated over a year ago and haven’t been employed as an RN, is it my resume format, or both??  Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated!!  

HiddencatBSN, BSN

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I think you need to apply to more positions. When I graduated at the tail end of a bad job market I applied to more than 100 jobs to get 2 interviews and 1 job offer.

EMS experience should be attractive in an ER setting- I’ve had several coworkers over the years who started as new grads in the ER with EMS experience.

speedynurse, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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The job market still isn’t fantastic right now. When I was a new grad, I slid into an ER position because I had worked as an ED tech in that department and had a good relationship with the team who wanted me to stay there with them. Before covid, I actually found it fairly easy to transfer jobs. After covid, I feel like things are much harder - even for experienced nurses. I would keep applying and even apply to jobs that you wouldn’t want to stay at long term. Once you get a job, get the experience of at least a year and learn everything you can and then transfer more into a unit you prefer.

Jedrnurse, BSN, RN

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Waiting a year after getting licensed to look for a job may be hurting you with potential employers. Is there anything about the situation that may raise a red flag? (At least in their eyes...)