Can someone PLEASE help with my son?

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I am a mom in Korea currently caring for my son. He was found in a transport accident and suffered brain damage which requires critical care that I'm trying to give. I don't have many resources because of location and also having to leave my job. I understand if no one here can help, please do not feel bad, but I am in need of some support whether it is regular communications or even little pieces of advice you have. I really appreciate it. Would appreciate a friend who knows what I am going through and what he is suffering through. I just want him to be healthy and happy and I can't even get him to eat.

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What a huge, daunting challenge!  Involves many adjustments and changes for you AND for him. 

I have no direct experience to help, but found a few sites online that hopefully will start the ball rolling (a couple are focused on methods and resources in Korea):

Have no idea what resources are available in Korea, or if your son was in the military and the TBI was related to military duties (if so, he should be eligible for assist through the military medical network?).  I wish you both the best.


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Here are some websites that can provide advice.

Tips For Caregivers I| Caring For Brain Injury - Shepherd Center

These organizations offer family support:

Traumatic Brain Injury | Family Caregiver Alliance

Caregivers | BrainLine

One step forward, 2 steps back often occurs in early time period, then you learn when to nudge and when to back off. Slowly positive change occurs as you both settle into a new life,

Hope these links offer you the advice and support you are seeking.