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Can someone please answer these 7 questions for my class?


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I tried interviewing another nurse already but she wasn't very descriptive and just gave me short answers. I was hoping for a little more. It's for my Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing class. All I need is one person to give me some good answers. Thanks! :)

1) How were you introduced into nursing?

2) Did you have any mentors or major influences during nursing school or when you started working?

3) How long have you been a nurse?

4) What area do you work in now and where have you previously worked?

5) How has your abilities as a nurse changed over time? Do you assess situations differently?

6) Can you tell me about a crisis you had and how you handled it?

7) Did you handle this situation differently than you would have as a new nurse? If so, how?

PedsAtHeart, LPN

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1. I was introduced into nursing by working as a CNA at LTC. I loved the fact that I was helping people. I figured I could do more so I decided to become a nurse.

2. While working as a CNA, there were several LPN's that I worked under. One really sticks out to me though. She was such a hard worker, cared so much, and she was working her way through RN school (she was in her 50's). She was such an inspiration to me.

3. I am about to have my 7 year anniversary as a nurse.

4. I work in Public Health now. My main job here is giving immunizations. Before this I worked for 4 years in a pediatric office. Absolutely loved it. One day I hope to finish school and work in NICU.

5. I am much more mature now. I am not afraid to walk in with a patient and hold my head high and show them that I am a compitent nurse and that I do know what I am doing. I love to educate people. Im not afraid for them to ask me questions and if I dont know the answer, I have no problem saying "I do not know but I will find out".

6. One incident comes to mind. When I worked in the peds office we had a baby come in. About 3 months old. Mom brought him back like nothing was wrong, laid him down and he was blue and limp. Got the dr in right away gave 02 and another nurse and I ran the baby to the ER.

7. I dont know if I would handle it differently now. That was when I was pretty new. Have had more experiences since then but that one always sticks out in my mind.

Hope that helps some. Im sure there are a lot of people on here who are way more interesting than I am!


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Thank you so much! This will be great. What would you like me to use as your name? You can just make up one if you'd like.

PedsAtHeart, LPN

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SManion would be fine :)


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Ok sounds good :) Thanks again

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