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Can Someone List drugs not compatible with IV KCL

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hi all,

i do call the pharmacy at work when i have questions about this. i know iv nexium and invanz are not. i am trying to make a list. is there a book or website i can get this information from. thanks in advance.:typing

NotReady4PrimeTime, RN

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Micromedex has that information.

I can tell you that amphotericin B cholesteryl sulfate complex, diazepam, ergotamine tartrate and phenytoin are not compatible with potassium chloride.

Find out if your hospital supplies Micromedix on your computer system. This program will tell you what drugs and fluids are compatible with each other. I use this on an almost daily basis, and just used it last night. Turns out KCL, Mag Sulfate and Clindamycin are all compatible with each other. Sure saves a lot of time and worry when you have the right tools at work!


Specializes in Medical, Surgical.

okay we do have lexi-comp which replaced our micromed....i will explore around with it when i get back to work to see what i find.

thanks guys.

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