Can someone explain to me what this is?

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I recently heard someone(not on here) talking about how they were in a dual BSN/MSN program where they wouldn't get their BSN-RN and wouldn't graduate from their BSN till the end.....well it sort of confused me and I was just curious if someone could explain this too me:bugeyes:

I also heard them talk about then going on to be a NP, but I thought they were trying to make it that you had to have some clinical experience 1st. Can you go all the way to a NP without ever being a RN:uhoh21:



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It sounds like an alternative entry Master's program. Go in with a previous bachelor's, then after a year you test for your RN, but continue working towards your Master's. I believe some of these programs set you up to immediately enter into a NP program upon completion of your Master's. You probably don't get to have your "BSN" until after you finish the entire program.

there's my shot in the dark.

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