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can someone explain dif bt NLN OR NET OR?

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I am soo confused lol

i was researching beth israel and everyone talking about nln scores. it seems its a test to see your aptitude or general knowledge to determine if you are smart enough right? sorta like sats?

if so... does every school require you to take this or just aa degree schools?

can you take this test way prior to applying for schools.... to see if you are "smart enough" to go to nursing school?

are there study guides?

if somone could clue me in or send me a link i would really appreciate it!! thanks so much!

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Hi there prunepie

If you are referring to Phillips Beth Israel school of nursing in new york city, then you most definitely need too take the NLN pre admissions exam. Not every school require you too take an entrance exam, and there are several different entrance exam besides the NLN; each school has its own exam preference. Im sure you've seen threads here about the NET and the TEAS for instance.

For the NLN there is a study guide by Mary Mcdonald.


If you go too any BN store you'll find the books in the nursing section (so you can avoid delivery charges) Im not sure if they are coming out with a new edition I had a hard time finding it on BN.com and Amazon. There is a number too the publisher, give them a ring and ask before you invest your money. The book is pretty accurate with the format and content, although you may have some on allnurses who might disagree with me. Time is your enemy on this test, that's something you should really practice.

As far as I know, for BI anyway, yes you can take the test before you apply, if you can find somewhere thats giving the test this year in NY. If however you don't do too great you run the risk of having too retake in 6 months. Here is the link too the NLN page, its gives info on the test as well as a registration link


I hope this helps, and answers your questions...


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