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Can somebody please clarify when we will have to start doing the 16 week "conference


Hello there I am an lpn trying to become rn through Excelsior. I had recently heard at September 2015 we would have to also sit for a 16 week "conference" for the nursing exams, and then I logged onto here and saw posts saying July 2015. Does anybody know for sure? I would really like to avoid this if at all possible I want to test out of everything, this sucks it is purely for more cash. Does excelsior make major changes like this often? I am just worried because I allready have money into excelsior with enrollment fee and everything and I just fear this won't work out in the end for some reason. Any advice?

The correct date is July 2015. You do not have to have taken all of your nursing exams by that date but you must register for the exams by that date to avoid the new changes. To my knowledge, this is the first time EC has implemented any changes of this nature. Although the upcoming changes are already very unpopular, they have been a very upfront and I could not imagine them moving that deadline up.

Thank you guys so much

You are so welcome!:)

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In regards to September 2015. That is when Excelsior will implement the "3rd attempt policy" for all nursing theory exams. Meaning, if you fail to pass a nursing theory examination after three attempts, you will be dismissed from the program. You will have access to four attempts up to September 2015, after that you will only be able to attempt each nursing exam three times.