Can a RN-BSN program affect your chance of acceptance into Master or Doctorate programs?

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Hello nurses! I am looking into RN-BSN programs to further my nursing career. My ultimate goal is getting a Masters or Doctorate (if masters are phased out by then). How should I pick the RN-BSN programs? I know that WGU has pass/fail grading system so I know it won't boost my GPA. But are there other things I should watch out for when I look for RN-BSN programs in order to successfully apply for Masters/Doctorate in the future?  Currently, I am looking at Grand Canyon University,  University of Texas Arlington, Arizona State University, and Chamberlain. 

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Not exactly the answer you're looking for, but I got my MSN through WGU and got accepted to Ohio State for a doctorate program. I didn't have any issue with the pass/fail grading. 

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