Can a PNP do botox?

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I'm about to graduate with my DNP in pediatrics, but am considering making the switch to medical aesthetics. Does anyone know if this is possible? What extra certifications do I need?

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You should research your state law surrounding cosmetic treatments and who is allowed to order these treatments independently. For instance, in California only physicians can order botox injections and nurses (including NP's) and PA's can administer only with physician supervision. 

I do feel that even if your state allows NP's to independently prescribe and administer botox injections, your PNP certification may be questioned if you were to treat adults (which I would assume constitute the majority of patients who seek these treatments).

I knew an NNP who did botox on the side under the supervision of her MD friend, but as a PNP I personally never would. I can't speak to the legality or state regulations, I'd be way too worried about being sued. If someone didn't like their results and your competency was ever legally under question, aesthetic botox is obviously outside of your scope of education and board certification. I'd also be somewhat concerned about the reputability of an aesthetic physician who would be willing to be your supervising/collaborating physician, just like I'd be apprehensive about a pediatrician who would be willing to accept an adult-gero or psychiatric NP in their pedi clinic; to me, that suggests that they would prioritize profits over liability. All that to say, there are probably people who do it, but it seems like some major red flags to me.

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