Can an older nurse get N2 military nursing?

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I am a male nurse, 48; 1/2way through my RN, and wondering if the military will take me when I am through. Is there a shortage of people who would go to countries where the fighting is? I have heard that age is not conditional for RN's but am not positive. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hello Fly:

Well, you could, maybe get a waiver to go into the Reserves (if you had your license as an LPN you might get into the Reserves as an 68WM6 and you would be in as Enlisted), but as it stands now, you would be a NO GO for Active Duty. The Army just recently changed its mind about granting age waivers for AD.

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Also do you have any prior enlisted time? If you do that can increase your age as far as going on active duty. No matter what it will be hard with your age to go reserves too if you do not have any prior service. The best way to find out is talk with a recruiter who have the answers as of the day you talk with them. As with everything what they say today can be changed tomorrow.

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