Can you be on medicaid and blue cross?

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Is it possible to be on both at the same time? I got a call from a diaper company saying to beware of medicaid fraud. The diaper guy said he found out after 2 years that one of his former clients was not on medicaid and that medicaid then forced him to pay a $6,000 diaper bill. He said my client is blue cross/blue shield not medicaid.:confused::confused:

I rarely discuss the source of payment for my clients although I notice the information printed on the 485.

Thanks caliotter 3. Insurance doesn't matter to me. I was just curious because the diaper guy said I should contact my agency and let them know the truth about the insurance so they don't get stuck with a big bill like he did. I'm going to keep my mouth shut. It's none of my business.

If your agency is anything like mine they don't give a rat's behind anyway. Most employers would be glad to have loyal employees who look out for their employer, but then there are those that would rather look in the other direction than lift a little finger, even if in their best interests.

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To answer the original question yes a person can be on 3 types of health insurance at the same time. I have clients who receive both Medicare and Medicaid due to their disabilities and financial resources and in addition are covered under a parents private health insurance (if that parent is also a legal guardian).

As to possible conflicts for payor source I would direct the diaper guy to speak directly to your agency about his concerns regarding possible fraud or mistaken insurance information.

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Before private duty, I always thought medicaid was for poor people. Then I worked a medicaid case in a huge, half-million dollar, luxury home (in the southeast, this amt of $ buys a very nice home). I was puzzled! What the..?! How could this wealthy family have medicaid? I learned that if you are declared permanently disabled this qualifies you for medicaid regardless of your income. This child was actually covered by medicaid and 2 other insurance policies. The parents handled all that aspect. Confused the heck out of was it decided who paid what?

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...... Confused the heck out of was it decided who paid what?

It's simple really. Medicaid is payor of last resort. Medicare is generally payor of first resort...depending on what services are being paid for and the private insurance can be either the primary payor source or the secondary payor source depending on the services rendered.

Yeah, I get that whole Medicaid is only for poor folks so you can't possibly know how to deal with clients from a privileged background speech thrown my way quite a bit during interviews. As I try to point out good patient care should not be dependent on income or social status and I strive to give quality care in all circumstances.

Thanks all so much for your replies.;) OK, so it is possible to be on both medicaid and blue cross at the same time. I know I can barely understand my own medical insurance let alone try to figure out someone else's medical insurance.

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