how can lvn student challenge the board to take cna test

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how can you take the cna?

how can you take the cna?
the "cna" is not apart of the boards nor is it something you take it's a certificate you apply for it is separate from board of nursing you have to google it in your state and find out how
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In my state you take a proctered (sp?) exam after completing a CNA course.

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Depends on your school. American Career College is structured so that the first 2 terms (2 out of 4) coincide with CNA coursework, so all you need to do is apply to test once you have completed the second term. At American Career College, a person in the career center gives you all the paper work/signs off on it, or whatever. Many of my classmates did that so they could get part time jobs as CNAs during our last two terms of LVN school. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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