Can an LPN work as a Surgical Tech?

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Hi, I am in the process of applying for different positions in my area (NW Indiana) I don't want to work in a LTC facilities, so I am trying to find positions outside of that. I was wondering if I am legally able to work as a Surgical Tech, this position is entry level? Also, what would be a recommendation for finding the right job and making sure the company is on the level? I want to work somewhere where I know I am working with a company that offers the best standards of quality care. I don't want to work in a bad company and end up jobless or worse having my license revoked. I am really nervous about this, as this would be my first job in my career field as a nurse. I want to be a good nurse and want to make sure I get the best experience possible. (I just got licensed last week!) Any advice?:confused:

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I apologize...I meant: once I get my RN license , if I can't find a job as an RN, am I still able to work as a CNA/PCA until I do find work as an RN?

If you nor your employer have no issues with this, yes you can. The problem is still the same, though. If something happens and you have a valid RN license, you will still be held accountable to the standards of the highest degree or certification in your possession. Thin lines; tread carefully.

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