Can a LPN Obtain ADN On-line??

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Any one know if you can abtain ADN on-line if your an LPN?

Also, any Developmental Disabilty Nurses out there?

Tif - I did receive information recently concerning a distance learning program to become an ADN (unable to locate it at the moment). Problem was it offered so little clinical training. I'll continue to try and locate it. They did offer super financing.

I worked with the developmentally disabled for 4 years in various group home settings in the Rochester, NY area. Absolutely loved it. But, I have since moved to Florida and find that Nurses are mainly involved in the administrative side and pass medications. No hands on at all. I'm very disappointed and expect I will move into Psych Nursing. Just received my application for transferring my license after a wait of more than 3 weeks.

Thank you!

I find DDNA really stessful because the Organization I work has NEVER had employed Nurses before. It was a big deal for us to call or fax a T/O order to the Pharmacy, they use to have us ask the Dr. to send it. I loved the people I work for very much. But wish there was something we could to to help our employer understand a nurses role,trust and respect us.

Ive been a nurse for 18 years.

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Tammy Cook will help you, her number is 1-800-759-5947, i have looked all over and there is no program that i have found that is on line.Give Tammy a call and she will answer any questions you might have and she is really an awesome person to deal with on distance learning. It's not on line but she can get you set up with a distance program -barb

P.S. have worked off and on for last 16 years with the Developmental Disabled they are a great group of patients smile.gif

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