Can an LPN on disability work as a Home Health Aide?

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Dear LPN,

Home Health Aides in Florida require a certain number of training hours, but some agencies allow licensed practical nurses (LPNs) to work as aides.                                       


Disability benefits often limit the income you can earn while still receiving benefits. 

If you're considering working as a Home Health Aide, here are some steps you might consider:

  • Understand the regulations and guidelines associated with your disability benefits. Check whether there are restrictions on working, the amount of income you can earn, or any reporting requirements.
  •  If you have a case manager or are working with a disability program, consult with them to discuss your intention to work as a Home Health Aide. They can guide how it might impact your disability benefits.
  • Discuss your plan to work as a Home Health Aide with your healthcare provider. They can provide insights into whether this work aligns with your health condition.
  •  If you can work, consider part-time or flexible options that might better accommodate your health needs.


When working as a Home Health Aide while you are an LPN, staying within the scope of practice defined by the position is crucial. Performing tasks that are beyond the scope of practice for an aide but within the LPN scope could potentially jeopardize your license.

You can also consult the Florida Board of Nursing for more information.


Keep yourself informed about any changes in nursing regulations and updates in Florida. 

Florida Home Health Aides employed by home health agencies and nurse registries may be required to complete an HIV/AIDS training course. You must also maintain a current basic life support (BLS) certificate. 

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth