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Can you live on a RN Salary

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Hi! Thanks before hand for answering my question!

I have decided between OT and RN to become a nurse. I was just curious if I can live well on a RN salary. I am very paranoid about it (haha) I will be living on my own in Milwaukee, with no children, or husband. I want to be able to pay like 800 for an apartment, and I want to be able to eat out sometimes, go for drinks, whatever. I WILL NOT have any student loan debt either. I am really excited to go to nursing school :) Thanks so much! Also, I want to work either in a nursing home, or a home for the developmentally disabled.

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Absolutely I'm in a north suburb of milwaukee and can support our family of three. We budget very well but we can still do things and have fun. As a single person it's easier.

Aurora starts new grads at 25/hr, CSM is 26 or 27/hr. I'm not sure what Wheaton is. Aurora still pays for bsn completion as well.


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If you find a roommate it's not too bad.


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Not anymore. School nurse, now.

My prior job? Definitely.