Can I work in any state after I pass CGFNS examination? How to do that?

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Hello Everyone!!

I have opted for CGFNS certification program and I am going to give the examination next month. Would this examination qualify me to work and is it equivalent to the NCLEX examination? I just want to get started with some nursing job. I am ready to give the NCLEX examination but I need some primary experience. Further, I have an SSN#. So, that's not an issue.

I have wasted so much of money and time after this program and now the CGFNS guys are telling me that they even wont produce a report of my Credential Evaluation and send it to any state.

Is there any way I can work based on CGFNS passing results? I need a temporary job only. Just to get started with. Please help.....


There is nothing that is "equivalent to" the NCLEX. It is the licensing exam for every US state and territory, and you must be licensed in a US state to e able to work in that state. The CGFNS exam or education evaluation service (whatever a particular state requires) is one part of applying for licensure and being authorized to write the NCLEX -- you'll still have to write (and pass) the exam in order to get licensed.

Hi elkpark....!!

Thank you for your reply...I know that I would have to give NCLEX and I want to give it too. I am just concerned about getting some first hand experience which might help me to get the real RN job when I would be done with my NCLEX. I read somewhere that if you have passed the CGFNS and waiting for your NCLEX results, you might be able to work on some "INTERIM PERMIT". Do you know anything about it?

Some states offer "interim permits" to people who have finished nursing school but have not yet passed the NCLEX. Not all states offer this (most don't these days, I believe, but I'm not sure about that), and I don't know if the permits are available to foreign graduates, or just to grads of US nursing programs. I suggest you contact the BON of whatever state you would want to work in and ask them directly.

When interim permits are available, they are limited typically to six months in duration or whenever you get your NCLEX results, whichever comes first. If you write the NCLEX and pass, you get your permanent license (obviously). If you write the NCLEX and don't pass the first time, the interim permit immediately becomes invalid and cannot be renewed (and the individual cannot work as a nurse again until s/he passes the NCLEX and gets a permanent license).

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