Can I work as a nurse after Tibiotalar arthrodesis, anyone?


Hi there! I'm a student with a question for anyone with experience in this. I had my ankle fused a few years ago, and while at my last job I was routinely on my feet 8-12 hours a day with little to no problems, there are those days where I'm just a little gimpy here or there. I was wondering if any of you nurses have had this procedure done, and if so, how it's been for you while working in nursing. Thanks for any replies!

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This would probably be a better question for your doctor. I haven't had the surgery you mentioned but I did have back surgery after an injury from a patient 32 years ago. Anytime there is a surgery things are never "the same" I would have days that a heating pad or an ice pack were my best friend and I praise the day Ibuprofen became over the counter......but I worked for 32 years as an emergeny's all mind over matter. I minded that I got injured (4 months out of school) but it didn't matter.......I ignored the pain and limped now and then and nursed at the bedside for 32 years.....good luck

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One of our older scrub techs had bilateral fusions, and he stood for 8-12 hours a day. He was a bit gimpy at the end of the day, but seemed to get through it. He never complained about it.

I agree with Esme, though. You should ask your doc about limitations and go from there.


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I have been fused and yes, I am able to work full-time. I am on my feet for 12 hours at a time. Does it hurt at times? Yes. But is it manageable? Yes. It really is an individual thing...what may hurt me, may not hurt you and vice versa. After working two days in a row, I start to limp, but it is ok. Good luck to you! :)