Can I work in Home Health Care as a new LPN?

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Hello all,

I have recently graduated with my LPN certificate, and am interested in working with a visiting nurses association. I actually was referred to the job by someone who knows someone, and I have a good chance of getting the position because of this. However, I have been warned that home health is not the best place for new grads to begin their careers, due to the level of autonomy required, etc. Are there any new grads out there who took to home health care as a first job? Or home health veterans out there with some advice for me?

Thank you all!

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I spent a day with a home health nurse as a part of nursing school clinicals.

It was full of communicating with dr, patient, the other services. Treatment advices, patient teaching, problem solving, etc. I was intimidated and thought I could never know how to do all that. I don't think it is the right place for a new grad; LPN or RN.

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Yes you can do it as a new grad - if you are confident about your skills. I did and so have some of my classmates. I love home health.

I think that you can do it. My sister owns a Home Health Care agency and although she prefers nurses with experience as do many other agencies she has hired two new grads in the past. I do think that it is important to still get hands on experience. Maybe you can do both. Most of the nurses at my sis's agency work for hospitals and nursing homes...mostly for benefits but never know what may happen in the future. Anyway, good luck to you.

It is easier to start out in home health if you start in extended care rather than intermittent visits. Either way, you need to be proactive in asking for proper orientation and in doing 'homework' on your own. If you don't ask questions of your supervisors, they may take the stance that you are doing just fine. So, get in there and don't be afraid to ask questions.

YES! YES! YES! Ask questions. Even a small doubt that you have in your head go ahead and phone your office and ask about it. To be safe. I am a new grad in HH. I've done two boo-boos so far. The called me to see mrs. x and mrs.y in the following week. But when my weekly schedule came in the mailbox it was only mrs. x in there. So i went ahead and didn't see mrs. y since she was not on my weekly schedule that they made for me ( the care coordinator made it) SO i had a doubt why am I not seeing mrs. y and only mrs.x and they live in one facility. After 2 days of visits i finally decided to call and ask. Then I found out that I am suppose to see the two pts, and the coordinator said I already told you last week to see both, but I reasoned well she was not in my weekly schedule so I figured there were changes.

and it gets really disappointing, I hate to disappoint people, but it was a misunderstanding and somehow it seems like it was my fault..I guess it is.

So communicate with them! bug the crap out of them with your questions.. at least you are safe and they can't refuse to answer you.. or at least they shouldn't.

Good luck!

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