Can I take NP derm certification after a fellowship?

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Hello Nurse Beth,

I have a question: I'm interested in a year-long fellowship program that a board certified plastics and dermatologist is involved with. It is mostly PAs that partake the program but she will take me in. After a year, would I be qualified to take the derm NP certification exam?

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Dear Interested,

Congrats on your opportunity!

As an NP, you may be eligible for certification in dermatology.

The Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board (DNPCB) offers certification for NPs in dermatology. One of the requirements for eligibility is the completion of an accredited dermatology NP Program or a dermatology fellowship.

  • Current NP State Licensure
  • Collaborative agreement with a board-certified dermatologist (evidence of collaborative agreement will need to be provided with the application)
  • Master's degree in nursing
  • National certification as a nurse practitioner
  • Minimum of 3,000 hours of general dermatology practice with current practice in dermatology (hours obtained from a formal dermatology NP academic program count towards the 3,000 hours)

Certification validates the NP's knowledge and skills in dermatology.

The certification exam covers skin anatomy and physiology, diagnostic techniques, treatment options, and patient education.

It's important to note that certification requirements can vary depending on the certification board. I recommend checking with the specific certification board you are interested in to determine their eligibility requirements and any additional steps you may need.

There is an Aesthetics forum here online. You can also contact the Dermatology Nurses' Association for more information.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth