Can I take the HESI and TEAS entrance exams before applying to nursing schools?

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Or is it the other way around, in which I apply to the schools first then take the exams?

If it doesn't matter which comes first, which one would you prefer doing first?

I don't think so, because the individual schools usually administer those tests themselves and they won't accept (usually) say, a HESI result, on a test that was taken elsewhere. I believe that's all or partially because the HESI pre-admission exam (I have read) can be customized to suit the school, and so I presume that the school can pick & choose what questions on on there, the level of difficulty overall, and exactly which questions apply to the test score and which ones are just to see what you can do.

Both HESIs I took were on a computer. One had me log onto Evolve Reach. The other was on that school's Intranet and had us log in on the school's network.

But you could take the NLN PAX test, because it's a national standard, and they'll send your scores to 2 or 3 schools. The PAX I took was pencil & paper. In that case, I signed up and paid via the NLN site, picked a test location near me, and took the test. It was administered at a nursing school, but I didn't have to apply to that school to take the test there.

I think the TEAS is controlled by individual schools, as well. I took a TEAS for just one LPN school, and it was a pencil-and-paper test at that school.

I'm doing a good job of writing rambling answers tonight, lol.

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Hmm.. I thought you HAD to take the tests before applying... It was my understanding that the test scores were one of the tools schools used before even accepting you into the program?

The schools I'm applying for wants us to take them at specific testing centers. So we don't take them at the schools. I just don't know which is better to right now, take them before applying? Or apply then take them?

What would you prefer?

In my case, I had to submit applications and working copies of transcripts and the application fees to the schools first, and the schools scheduled me for a test date. That was for HESI and TEAS.

PAX, I scheduled myself, just to have a score on file to apply to schools that used that test.

Well thanks for your help!

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