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So I start my LPN program in Jan. I am totally excited and nervous too. I am afraid though that I dont have the heart or stomach for this job. The dissection part scares me, the surgical part scares me, the shots scare me. I am such a sensitive person, I worry about getting to close to all the patients. I am a very empathetic person. But, I have always wanted to be a nurse. I decided to go the LPN route to make sure that I can handle all this stuff before I pursue my RN. Do you think I am wasting my time? Should I just look for a career elsewhere? Or can I get accustomed to all this stuff? Thanks for all the help! :)


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You can do it. You just have to show up everyday. Its never a waste of time to try something you think you might be interested in, even if it doesnt work out in the end. If you dont try at all, (especially because of a fear) just think of how much time you will waste down the road wondering 'what if'. Good luck. -Lorus

Thank you for your help! That made me feel better. :)

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Sure you can. We all have things that bugged us at first or for me some things still do like thick green mucas when you are suctioning.

Hang in there,



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Yes - Im not a big fan of thick green mucus myself. Although there is something strangely satisfying about getting a bunch of it outta there. I think the thing that gets me the most is external fixation. Especially when it involves traction. Yeeech...

I think one of the things renerian was hinting at was that as a nurse, everyone has something that is hard for them to see or do. You just learn to deal with it somehow, because your patient needs you to. This is where a sick sense of humor comes in really handy. -Lorus


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You must do that which you think you cannot----Eleanor Roosevelt.


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Originally posted by PSUNURS05

You must do that which you think you cannot----Eleanor Roosevelt.

awesome quote!

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