Can I share my excitement??


I'm a new RN and I'm off orientation. The first patient they gave me was pretty easy...some ORL kid and a spinal fusion kid. I feel pretty comfortable with patients like that and it went well and boosted my confidence.

My next patient was a auto vs peds toddler on the ossilator in critical condition and I did NOT think I could handle that. I couldn't believe they would even give me, a new RN, a patient like that but my preceptor and charge RN told me I was a very strong new nurse and they knew I could handle it....and you know what? I did handle it!

I am loving the PICU and feel that my skills are growing by the minute!


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Very good for you!!! I'm waiting to get that feeling, however, I am only 2 weeks into orientation. Since you are just coming off, do you have any advice for the new grad just into orientation? Like is there anything you did to study and help you learn new things, new skills, any good resources??? Anything would help!!! Thanks


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GREAT JOB!!!!:yeah: You DID do it........ wasn't so scary once you got into it I bet? Your preceptor and charge nurse were right..... they know your skills and believe in you, obviously. Just remember that you are NEVER on your own..... there are many experienced PICU nurses on your unit an arms length away that will be right at your side if things get hairy or just to bounce questions off of---- thats what we do!

Someday soon, you will be encouraging another new RN!

Congratulations and welcome to this wonderful specialty! There is nothing else like it!!:nurse:

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