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Can I pick my shifts as an LVN in SoCal?

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I'm looking into starting an LVN program. However, I only want to work part-time (2-3 nights per week), and I want my shifts to be only graveyard. Will a hospital allow this? What are the chances of me getting hired on as a part-time worker with only graveyard shifts, right out of school? Any knowledge or experience would be appreciated--thanks!

Suggest you only respond to job listings that indicate they are for night shift if that is what you want. When doing cold call job applications, tell them what you want. If they can accommodate you, they will. If not, you will have to try the next employer. Be advised that night shift is hard to find.


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1. You probably will not do acute care in a hospital. Those jobs are reserved for RN's in Calif.

2. You options are: LTC, rehab, home health, public health, private duty, clinic, hospice, etc.

3. Depending on the facility, you may have an opportunity to work various shifts or one shift specifically