Can I go to LPN school in MA, but work in NH

U.S.A. New Hampshire


I am currently a Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA) in New Hampshire (NH). I plan on working as an LNA for about a year, and then attend LPN school. I will be working part-time during LPN school. I've been looking at LPN programs here in NH. There are only 2 available. Tuition at both is about 21k. I feel like it's very expensive so I began to look at LPN programs in Massachusetts (MA). In MA, I found a program for about 8k. If I were to attend the LPN program in MA, will I be able to work in NH? Or what requirements are needed for me to work in NH with a LPN license from MA?

I'm in Tennessee and when I was in nursing school we had 2 students from out of state attend our program, one was from up north and the other from just across the border in North Carolina. After graduating they applied to take the nclex in their home states and returned home to work.

Check with the Board in NH about getting a NH license after graduating from the MA program. If the MA program meets NH standards for licensure, there should be no problem.

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