Can I get a job with a not eligible for rehire status?


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Dear Nurse Beth,

I gave notice while on a write up for a no call/no show and was told I would not be eligible for rehire within the entire hospital network. Fast forward 5 years and a position opened up at the same hospital. I loved it there and thought, it can’t hurt to try. I applied, got through the HR phone interview and have an in person with the hiring manager on Tuesday. I don’t remember signing anything and my old manager (since retired) didn’t like me. Will they find out? 

Dear Not Eligible for Rehire,

Congrats so far! Kudos for applying.

It's definitely possible that you've already been vetted and this did not and will not show up. The manager may or may not have formally changed your status when she threatened you. Perhaps your old manager does not have a good reputation, and her edicts no longer carry weight. 

After 5 years there's been turnover and record-keeping may have changed systems. 

Worst case scenario-Let's say you get hired and somehow it comes to your manager's attention. It still is unlikely to make a difference, because by then you're an investment.

All this to say- don't worry about it, and focus on the opportunity ahead of you, your interview on Tuesday ? Keep us posted.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth