Can I get hired at age 68?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I'm almost finished w a RN Refresher Course. I'm concerned due to my age-68- good health- I won't get hired. Although I've had potential employers contact me for RN positions as they saw my resume online but of course have to finish refresher course to renew my RN license. That is my ? Will health care employers not hire RNs in my older age group? Thank you.

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Dear Concerned,

Age discrimination is real but there are still  RNs in the work force in their 60's. Your other challenge will be your gap in employment. The sooner you get back in the work force, the better.

The good news is you are completing a refresher course. Use this to network. Typically the instructors and other students have contacts that may lead to a job.

Another good sign is that your resume has already attracted employers. Apply widely and set a job alert on or other job board. You have to create a free account, then upload your resume.

Once your license is renewed, circle back to the employers who contacted you initially. Brush up on your interview skills.  Be open to different settings such as sub-acute to get started.

This may depend largely on your determination and perseverance, so be prepared to hang in there. 

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth