Can I get some advice please!!


Hello everyone! I would really like some advice. I have been a nurse for a year and finally have an interview for a labor and delivery position.(what i have wanted to do all along.) This is going to be a telephone interview then if they like me they will fly me there to interview in person. Any tips for impressing them over the phone? Any advice would be helpful!!


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I really hope the following is helpfull.

Keep a copy of your resume next to you and read it over prior to the interview. It has been my experience with telephone interviews they often make reference to your resume.

You didn't mention what area of nursing you have been working in but I am assuming as you have only been nursing for a year a lot of what you learnt in your nursing training on labour and delivery is still pretty fresh in your mind, so that any nursing questions related to that area should not be too much of a challenge, but you might want to do a quick review.

Get a good nights sleep before the interview and try to relax.

Good luck!!! I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed.:smilecoffeecup:


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The above is good advice. Just be candid and enthusiastic and toot your own horn when they ask you about your strengths! Also have in mind your future goals/aspirations, in case they ask that.

GOOD LUCK and let us know how it goes.


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Make sure you are set up in a nice quiet room with no distractions. ie... no kids, husbands, ringing doorbells, dogs barking. etc...... if you have call waiting, temp disable it, nothing worse then an incoming call when you are trying to sound semi-intelligent and the phone keeps beeping out portions of the callers questions.

Caller: So, what is your position on... (beep, beep beep)?

Calle: Huh?

Caller: I said "how do you feel about... (beep, beep beep)?

Calle: (cough cough) I,m sorry I did'nt hear you.

Caller: (OK Note to self, applicant is either deaf or is refusing to answer question) NEXT!!!!! (applicant that is)

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