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can I find a job if I move to the Bay Area?

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(Cross-posted from the Pre-Nursing Student board. Thanks for reading!)

I'm in my late 30s, I have a B.S. in biology, and I'm looking at changing careers from science editing (among other things) to nursing. Currently a new CNA on a med/surg unit and living with family on the east coast. I want to be an RN and live in San Francisco.

I'm considering staying out east to do an accelerated BSN cheaply, then move to the Bay Area. However, I'm concerned about my job prospects as a new grad without a local professional network in California.

Am I right to worry about this? Would I be better off taking a longer, more expensive path - working as a CNA in the Bay Area, then putting myself through a nursing program over there?

On a personal note, I've been a rolling stone for over a decade and I feel anxiety and urgency about figuring out my career as I round the corner into middle age...

I'm an excellent student and I'm confident I'll do well in whatever nursing program, fwiw.

Thanks so much for your advice and for this great community!

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You are right to worry about this. There are scores of posts on this site talking about the abysmal job market and housing market and parking in the Bay area. Neither are nursing programs easy to enter. Either come with a substantial savings pot to tide you over or with a job already lined up.

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