Can get license.. but what about job?

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Hi all! :)

I have two criminal records, 2006 misdemeanor- DUI and 2006 misdemeanor- false information on a report - This happened when my brother and his girlfriend were staying at my home. They had a huge fight to the point I thought he may hurt his girlfriend I asked him to leave and finally threatened to call the police, well when he saw me dial 911 he left after breaking several things in my home. Whent the police arived they asked who was responsible for the damages I panicked to not incriminate my brother and said I didnt know. His girlfriend explained to the police that I was afraid of my brother and didnt want to tell on him. So they arrested me in my living room! One of the WORST dicisions that haunts me to this day this is being exspunged as of right now. I know what I did was wrong with the DUI and the false information. I am a very different person today I have two beautiful children a loving husband and value everything in life. Im wondering if anyone out there has gotten employed by a hospital with misdemeanor records.

I have already called the BON for Florida they have no problem with me getting licensed, my question is, will I be able to find a job? Anyone have any stories that have ended well or not so good?

I had one misdemeanor on my records and when they ran the background check, they told me nothing actually even showed up. If that helps any?

I came clean and told them I was nervous about the background check, the employer said if you can get your licenses then you are "fine."

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