how can you get a job when they want experience and no one will hire you.


I am an RN with 2 yrs experience in SDS specializing in optholmology. I am now wanting to get more experience in other areas such as NICU, L&D, GYN, SDS or PACU. (Keep in mind I am willing to work in any field however these units are very competative and would be more of my desire.) Most of these units want an x amount of years experience before they will hire you let alone consider you for these positions. My question is how do I get this experience if no one is willing to give me a try. Do, I need to shadow the nurses on the units, talk to the managers them selfs, ect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Try shadowing units.

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I agree! Networking is great too. I would email the nurse recruiters and let them know you're interested in x units, and then email the managers too. When you email the managers, let them know you're interested, and ask if they happen to know when they may have spots open and could be posting a position so you can keep your eye out. Shadowing is good too, so I would ask to shadow. A lot of managers like that because if you shadow and still want the job, you have a better idea of what you're getting into than someone who has no idea and is blindly going into it. That sometimes can lead to a lower turnover rate in new staff. Good luck!