Can my employer decrease my pay?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

Can my employer decrease my pay by $13 without notifying me? I had a contract as a PRN nurse and was offered a full-time position without my employer notifying me that there would be a wage decrease. Is this legal? I work in Alaska.

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Dear Is it Legal.

If your employer reduces your pay without providing you with notice or without an agreement, it may violate Alaska wage and hour laws. You may consider contacting the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development or consulting with an employment law attorney to understand your rights and options if this can't be resolved with your hospital's Human Resources department.

However, maybe it wasn't that your pay was decreased so much as your old job ended and your new job pays less.  

It is very common for PRN/temp/travel nurses to make more than full-time employees. Your status is now full-time, presumably with benefits and insurance as part of your compensation package.

It sounds like an unfortunate miscommunication. Did you receive (and accept) a job offer in writing? It should have been made very clear to you, and you deserve to know the exact terms.

I hope you get this resolved,

Nurse Beth