Can CRNA's travel?

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Hello all, I am a pre-nursing student who plans on becoming a CRNA. I love how the career of nursing offers so many options to nurses. However, I've been looking at different threads and I've never seen anyone talk about CRNA's traveling? Are they able to travel as well? And if they are able to travel, it is just nationally or internationally? I would love to work in the UK for a year or two. Oh! And another question, say you have a significant other....are they able to travel with u? And by travel, I mean live in the "free housing" the agencies offer. Any info or personal experiences would be great! Have a great day!


suzanne4, RN

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Their license to administer anesthesia doesn't extend out of the US.

Yes, they can travel, but it is usually shorter contracts called "locum tenens" where they fill in while the anesthetist is on leave or vacation. Usually two to four week assignments, but sometimes longer.

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