Can anyone recommend a reputable ATL area school for CNA training?

U.S.A. Georgia


I am looking for a community college or other reputable facility to do CNA training and am available evenings/nights, weekends, and all day/night on Fridays. I mainly want to learn phlebotomy but may be considering going for an RN in the future and heard that taking the CNA route would be a tad more beneficial than simply phlebotomy training.

Any recommendations??

Specializes in nurses assistant way back when....

I would most definitely suggest getting your CNA and then becoming a PCT. Having a CNA will allow you to work in ltc's (nursing homes) and home health and possibly hospitals, but I want to say that hospitals these days really would rather hire patient care techs. The experience you get will definitely be beneficial to you if you decide later to go into nursing. I'm in Savannah, so I can't help you but I would imagine whatever tech college there will have CNA programs, ours does. Good luck

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