Can anyone recommend a good online chemistry course?


I'm starting full time with clinicals at LIU in the fall and need to finish one pre-req beforehand. It just needs to be a 4 credit, basic chemistry course. Ideally I'd like to avoid a) taking it at LIU where it would be too expensive for a summer course and b) trekking to a community college 4 days a week this summer to finish it up. Has anyone taken this online or have any recommendations?

Thanks so much!

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take chemistry with lab totally online at ocean county college this summer. work full-time and stay home with your kids.

occ offers two online courses in summer ten weeks may 18, 2009- july 28, 2009. one is chem 180 introductory chemistry the other is general chemistry i. the labs are taught totally online with a labpaq that arrives at your front door.

here is the website for the chem 180 introductory chemistry dl course: and,

chem 181 general chemistry i dl

the professor is actually a nurse who teaches both and is absolutely loved by the students.

i am currently taking their microbiology course totally online and i just love it. it lets me work full-time and be there for the kids!

give it a try,

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Hi Noticed all your post about Ocean. Do you still have your book and notes for this class? Any guidance on using the lab paq? Did you take 180 or 181, the 181 is for true college credit corrrect? Did the class consit of mostley power point, discussion online boards and psot project results? How many test/quizes?

What grade did you end with, anyone below a B?

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