Can anyone recommend a good nursing school?

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Hi Amber,

Do yourself a favor and look into Westchester Community College. I just graduated from there last month.

It's a great program, challenging but very do-able if you make nursing your main priority (which it sounds like you will considering you're willing to move)

You'll graduate with an associates degree but you can still get a job with that (although everyone highly recommends you get your BSN (bachelors science in nursing)) There are many great online RN to BSN programs, many online and cheap. I just enrolled in one for July, it's accredited, cheap, and all online.

Anyway, look into WCC. The pre-requisites shouldn't take you more than a year, they don't ask for anything weird. From the top of my head A&P 1 and 2, micro with lab, chem 1, Nutrition and I think that's it. They have some co-reqs that you can complete while you're in the program.

Getting in is a bit difficult. They accept about 30 students for in sept and jan. You apply a few months in advance. I applied around Feb as I was completing my final pre-req that semester, I took the TEAS exam in April and was accepted I think around May. The only admission criteria is your score on the TEAS exam. The 30 highest scores get in the program. That does sound intimidating but I promise you it's very possible to get a good score if you study for that exam a few months in advance. You sound like an intelligent motivated student so I think you can.

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

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