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I am a high school senior and am planning to attend college and major in Nursing. I then want to become a Nurse Practitioner. I do not really know anything about what I will need to do after becoming an RN. I plan on going to school for 4 years. I also would like to specialize in OB/GYN. I was wondering how long does it take to become a NP and what kind of school has a NP program. I appreciate any help at all. Thank You!

Hello fellow 'eer! I just got my acceptance letter from D&E last week. I'm going in as prenursing for the first year, and then will apply for the RN coorifice. I don't have a lot of advice, except maybe you could try doing a search for the colleges you may want to attend...sometimes the college websites will tell you what the requirements and such are. I graduated from high school almost 11 years ago, so as you can probably imagine, I'm very excited about going back to school! D&E is only a few blocks from me, so that's why I applied there. Good Luck!

Forgot to add that I'm also interested in OB or L&D.

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You obviously have been called as well as you have planned.

Don't be in a hurry, certain lifes experiences can only benefit you in your lifelong journey.

From what I gather, I would take it one step at a time first take prerequired subjects (not all transfer so make sure credit earned is credit you will be allowed to transfer)

next enter school offering Bachelors Degree.

A nurse Practitioner is equivelant to a Masters PLUS.

It is not as simple as a to z = NP.

Take your time & enjoy the ride.


Hi there! After getting your bachelor of nursing degree you will need to work at least a few years to get the experience you will need to get accepted into a practioner program. As previously mentioned, most of these programs are at the masters of nursing degree level of education. Your work experience should be in the area you wish to do your practioner training. You may also enjoy working and getting a break from school for a while. I know I did. Hope this helps. Good luck. Also you may want to see if any clinics or hospitals on your area have job shadowing experiences for high school students, so you could spend some time with a practioner, and ask her these questions. I'm a neonatal nurse, and we offer this to our high school students, and they love it.

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